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Why Online Reviews are an Important Trust Signal for Your Law Firm

Online reviews for law firms matter. According to data from Qualtrics XM, 93 percent of people surveyed report that they have had decisions influenced by online reviews. The more significant the decision, the more likely one is to consult reviews. Hiring a lawyer is a big step. In 2022, many individuals, businesses, and organizations evaluate online reviews before choosing a law firm. 

At SunRize Marketing, we help law firms develop their practice and reach more clients through comprehensive and reliable digital marketing efforts. In this article, our team provides an in-depth overview of why online reviews are so important and should be part of your Law Firm Marketing Strategy in 2022

Online Reviews are Increasingly Essential to Decision Making

When you hire a professional for a major project, you may refer to online reviews. Indeed, online reviews are incredibly essential to client decision making across industries. Some surveys have found that approximately three-quarters of people who hire a lawyer refer to online reviews before making their final decision. A study cited by Thomson Reuters found that “consumers are more likely to hire lawyers with online reviews.” Notably, younger people—especially Millennials and Generation Z—are especially likely to refer to online reviews when hiring professionals. Online reviews are only going to get more important for lawyers and law firms in the coming years as the tech-savvy younger generations get more decision-making authority. 

Reviews Increase Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (A Key SEO Factor)

Online reviews for law firms are important even for potential clients that are not reading them directly or thoroughly. The reason is that online reviews have a big effect on search engine rankings. A law firm’s online reviews or lack thereof will impact its E-A-T score. As explained by TechTarget, E-A-T is an SEO acronym that stands for “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.” E-A-T is a critically important SEO factor. Search algorithms—most notably Google’s powerful and market-dominant search algorithm—puts a lot of emphasis on the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of a website. Online reviews on reliable third-party websites are “trust signals.” A law firm that has a large number of positive, verified online reviews will be more trusted for SEO rankings. 

Customer Reviews Impact Search Performance for Your Law Firm 

SEO rankings matter. Your law firm’s SEO is impacted by online reviews. This means that online reviews can impact your website’s search performance. In some cases, online reviews could be the difference between your law firm coming up on the first page of a popular search term and it getting buried in Google’s rankings behind all of your local market competitors. Online reviews matter for: 

  • Local Search: With some exceptions, most law firms are not advertising nationally. This means that local SEO for law firms is the key to digital marketing. Online reviews from clients can dramatically improve local SEO performance for law firms. 
  • Click Through Rate: As simply defined by the Search Engine Journal, click through rate (CTR) is the “percentage of impressions that resulted in a click.” More online reviews increase the likelihood that someone will click through to a law firm. A higher CTR will improve search engine rankings. 

How Can Your Law Firm Get More Online Reviews?

For a law firm that does not have a lot of online reviews, getting them can feel like a bit of a daunting task. It is generally something that should be done as part of a comprehensive and long-term marketing strategy. Getting more online reviews for a lawyer or online reviews for a law firm is a sensible marketing goal for 2022. Here are three key ways that your law firm can generate more positive online reviews: 

  1. Make Sure You Have a Profile on the Most Prominent Review Sites: Hosting reviews on your website makes sense. It helps potential clients see testimonials from the people whom your law firm has served. At the same time, you need third-party online reviews to maximize your SEO. It is crucial that you have profiles set up on all of the major review platforms, including Google My Business and Avvo. 
  2. Ask a Client for a Review : A lot of clients do not leave reviews for lawyers or law firms even if they are 100 percent satisfied with the service that they have received. Why? It simply slips people’s minds. It is a best practice to ask a client for a review. 
  3. Follow-Up (Usually Through Email): Finally, follow up on your request for an online review—and make it as easy as possible for your client. A nice and straightforward follow-up email with a link to a third-party review platform is a great way to encourage more online reviews from satisfied clients. 

SunRize Marketing is the Leader in SEO Marketing for Law Firms 

At SunRize Marketing, we are a digital marketing company focused on helping law firms large and small connect with clients. Our team implements comprehensive marketing strategies designed to get results. If you have any questions about online reviews, SEO for law firms, or our services in general, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your fully confidential initial appointment.

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